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The Norlan Steel Tumbler has been developed for the whisky and fine spirit enthusiast who accepts no compromise where travel and tasting are concerned. And for those staying close to home, we have created an extraordinary, luxurious vessel for your intimate whisky ritual (ice, for those who choose, now allowed).

Under consideration for development for many years, the design of the tumbler mirrors that of our original double-walled glass with some key differences. Instead of mouth-blown borosilicate glass, the tumbler is produced from blow-molded stainless steel. The join at the mouth rim, where the inner and outer walls are held together, is made by electro welding, creating a fine point of contact for the lips. Inside, the tumbler is finished with a food-grade safe electroplated coating that acts as a mirror for the contents within. On the outside, the tumblers are exhaustively hand-burnished before receiving their final finish in polished stainless steel or mirror black PVD coating.

Being a fraternal twin, the new tumbler of course shares much of the design genetics of the original Norlan Whisky Glass. You will find the same inner and outer shapes, merging a highly functional nosing glass interior with a modern exterior. Which means the tumbler will serve to elevate your favorite whisk(e)y—whether Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Canadian, Japanese, you name it—and look mighty stellar while doing so. Additionally, being made out of steel, the new tumbler has the added benefit of mobility. Wrap the tumbler in a cloth of your choosing, throw it in your bag, and you have the ideal nosing and drinking vessel for wherever your journeys may take you.

Double-walled stainless steel
Exterior: Polished stainless steel.
Interior: Electroplated mirror finish.
95 mm tall, 82 mm diameter,
63 mm diameter at rim
~ 175 ml to rim.
Recommended pour 20 to 40 ml when drinking neat.
~ 125 grams (that's very light)
Single unit packed in a luxurious corrugated box. Microfiber polishing cloth included.
A design by Sruli Recht

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Melissa O.
Perfect gift for your whisky drinker!

I bought three different Norlan glasses for the hub's bday because I couldn't decide which one he would like best and he kept all three. These are his new favorite drinking glasses.

Áron K.

Great product amd value

Rüdiger B.
great quality

Great quality, beautiful design

Brendan C.
excellent product and srvice

Prompt delivery enjoyment immediate

The fraternal twin of the Norlan Whisky Glass. A double-walled steel vessel for those who enjoy their spirit under the vast and open sky. Or, for the moments at home where horizons are expanded by the intimate appreciation of something close at hand.





Special protrusion forms inside our tumbler create wave-like movements in the liquid when it is swirled within the bowl. This helps to release the ethanol within the spirit, allowing the scents to become more present when nosing, which in turn improves the flavor when drinking.


Can I use ice or whisky stones?

The Norlan Steel Tumbler is based on the original Norlan Whisky Glass, which was designed to improve the aroma and taste of whisky enjoyed neat. That being said, the steel tumbler can most certainly accommodate ice. Bear in mind, should you choose to use whisky stones, the inner finish may very well get scratched.

Is the tumbler insulated?

The tumbler is not vacuum sealed because the vacuum process would deform the shape of the design.

With the above being said, the tumbler does have modest insulation properties and you can certainly use it for hot beverages.

Note that beverages above 90° C will transfer heat to the exterior wall.

Can the tumbler be stored in the freezer?

We do not recommend storing the tumbler in the freezer as it will become very cold to the touch.

Please also note that the tumbler cannot be placed in a microwave or oven.

Is the tumbler dishwasher safe?

Yes the tumbler is dishwasher safe, but please note that temperatures above 90° C should not be used.

If hand washing, please only use a non-abrasive cloth or sponge. Any material designed for scrubbing will scratch the exterior and interior.

How is the tumbler packaged?

The Norlan Steel Tumbler is sold individually. Our new packaging aims to be fully recyclable. The tumbler is packed in a biodegradable protective bag before being inserted into a luxurious matte black corrugated box with printed sleeve. A microfiber polishing cloth is included to keep your tumbler shiny and looking new.

Can the tumbler be used for other spirits?

The Norlan Steel Tumbler is based on our original Norlan Whisky Glass, which was developed for the appreciation of whisky. We’ve found that it performs equally well for any spirit containing a high ABV where nosing is an important aspect of the drinking experience.

Can the tumbler be engraved?

While we do not offer engraving services, any engraving specialist should be more than happy with the challenge of engraving this tumbler.

Note: The black edition of the Norlan Steel Tumbler features a PVD coating. Engraving the exterior will ruin this finish, exposing the steel underneath.

How should I care for this beautiful item?

The Norlan Steel Tumbler should be handled as you would any prized possession, making sure to not drop it or allow it to come into contact with rough or abrasive surfaces.

Please note that polished stainless steel and mirror PVD coatings are not impervious to the effects of regular usage. Scratches can and will occur over time, like any object that is used.