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Vawe Highball Glass

[Glasses Sold Individually] £51.00 incl. VAT (VAT excluded for customers outside UK / EU)

[Glasses Sold Individually] £51.00 incl. VAT (VAT excluded for customers outside UK / EU)

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A tall crystal vessel for iced drinks served long and crushed like an asteroid belt.


The Vawe Highball Glass is the meeting point of advanced digital design, inventive production techniques and the intimate whisky ritual.

Its name is taken from the Old Scottish Dictionary word vawe, describing the motion of water in a rolling, surging fashion.  Accordingly, the glass has been developed for the application of tall whisky drinks mixed with ice and soda, or simply water—mizuwari as the Japanese practice is called. 

And for the occasions calling for a handcrafted cocktail, the glass features a core innovation. Inside lies an array of extruded chevrons radiating from the center, angled and engineered to provide friction for muddling soft herbs and citrus oils. 




  • Material: Non-leaded crystal
  • Dimensions: 152.5 mm high, 67 mm diameter at rim 
  • Volume: 350 ml 
  • Weight: 630 grams 
  • Packed singly in a beautiful gift box
  • Made in the Czech Republic
  • Designed by Sruli Recht

Circumventing the ornamentation of traditional cut crystal, the entire surface of the glass, inside and out, is born in a single blinding moment: molten crystal machine-pressed into a complex five-part mold.

After fire polishing and annealing, the outer surface is chemically polished to brilliance, giving the bottom a perfectly flat lens-like finish: a frame and counterpoint to the deep chevrons inside the glass.

The outer form shifts from a circular rim to a rounded square base, broken in between by advancing creases and chevron depressions that highlight the whisky within, shimmering like a mirage on the sandy dunes of an uncharted planet.

  • Although dishwasher safe, we recommend washing and drying by hand.
  • Tiny bubbles the size of a pin point sometimes form in the fusing or melting process and do not affect the quality of the glass. Such slight variations are the natural results of the manufacture of pressed glass.