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The Raif Whisky Decanter is the sculpted defiant outcome of advanced digital design, inventive production techniques and the intimate whisky ritual.

Rebelling against traditional squat bodies and ornamental stoppers, this sleek minimalist vessel sidesteps the light, pivots on its axis, and lands its epic weight on the earth. The lean, long, svelte form of the glass plays with the Norlan design DNA, elongating and pulling at its skin. The stopper is milled, a stealth night flying form with the radar signature of an atom.

A silent, sharp sentinel standing guard over your spirit, the decanter’s singular shape allows you, whisky aesthete, to build a nested triptych of your favorite whiskies: a rebellious sculpture for containment and expression.

Mouth-blown non-leaded crystal with aluminum lid
Diamond wheel cut, sanded, polished, and oiled
Lid: Precision machined with shock spray surface finish
362 mm high x 94 mm wide x 88 mm deep
Holds 1 liter of spirit
~ 1.5 kg
Ships in a protective corrugated box.
Decanter hand made in Czech Republic
Lid precision machined in China
A design by Sruli Recht

The Raif Whisky Decanter is exhaustingly brought to life over the course of five hand crafted processes involving mouth blowing glass, diamond wheel cutting, sanding, polishing, and oiling. Its cast aluminum decorative lid is treated with a special shock spray lacquer for a uniquely matte finish.


Is the decanter intended for long-term storage?

The Raif Whisky Decanter was developed as a sculptural object for the presentation and dispensation of one’s favorite whiskies. It is therefore not intended for the long-term storage of whisky, but for containment of whiskies that are regularly enjoyed.